Sanne and Evelien in Rome

About us


We are Sanne and Evelien, two friends living in The Netherlands who explore the world with our backpacks as often as we can.

Our traveling style varies from going back to basics in bare hiking huts to enjoying the comforts of small scale guest houses and boutique hotels. We don’t mind taking the beaten path (there are obvious reasons why they are high on anyone’s bucket list) but not all our adventures are for the faint of heart. We love to seek adventure, from feeding wild hyenas in Ethiopia to paragliding in Colombia. We are mindful of budget, but when the opportunity to have a mindblowing experience requires us to splurge, we’re not afraid to do so.

We both have fulltime jobs that we love, but our biggest passion is to travel – and to write about it, which is why we started this website. We have traveled a lot and have always valued high quality stories and tips from other globetrotters. Advice from experienced travelers can help you plan your perfect trip and save you a lot of hassle along the way. And that why we want to share our advice with you!

Our recommendations are always an honest testimony of our experiences and are the same advice that we would give to our closest friends and family. Unlike most travel bloggers we’re no digital nomads and we did not quit our day jobs to become full time travelers, but the income that we generate with our professional careers allow us to be fully independent in our travel advice to you.

Meet Sanne & Evelien

When within only a week of meeting your new colleague you both roll your eyes at the exact same office nonsense, then you know you’ve found your side-kick. When we started talking about our shared love for traveling it became even clearer that we were on the same wavelength and it was the start of a great friendship and business partnership.

Let us introduce ourselves to you:

Evelien (30-something) has lived abroad in Italy, South Korea, Cambodia, Portugal, and Papua New Guinea during her anthropology studies and for her work as occupational safety advisor. She lives in Amsterdam with her better half Jung who joins her on most of her trips. Their favourite activity when traveling together is to hike long-distance trails.

Sanne (almost-30-something) is a travel addict who loves to dine and wine. She has made three world trips (to South America, Oceania and a true around-the-world trip spanning three continents) with her husband Tomas who loves photography and whose photos you’ll occasionally see on this website. When she’s not traveling or plotting a new trip, she works as a public health advisor and enjoys her hometown Rotterdam.

The story behind Say Yes To New Adventures

In the office that we shared when we met as colleagues, a big world map hung on the wall. It served as the perfect backdrop to our daydreams about next destinations and to the stories we shared about past trips. Inspired by each other’s adventures, our travel wish lists continued to grow. The idea to start sharing our stories with a bigger audience would occasionally pop up in our conversations – especially because we both also love to write.

Sanne registered the domain as her wedding website and travel blog for her honeymoon which was a three month road trip through Australia and New Zealand. Somewhere along the trip her husband Tomas gave her a book on travel writing to make that dream of becoming a travel writer more concrete.

Back in The Netherlands, Sanne bought the same book for Evelien and shortly after that our online travel magazine was born. We decided to keep using the domain SAY YES TO NEW ADVENTURES because this is what we feel travel is all about: waking up in the morning thinking “what are we going to do today?” and the answer being “something new, something amazing”; and the sense of adventure that comes with leaving your comfort zone and immersing yourself in a place that is totally new and different.

We hope you’ll find our travel resources useful and would love to hear from you. Drop us a note!