Packing your hand luggage

Wondering how to best pack your hand luggage? Having made quite some flight trips, let me share with you some tips for stuffing your day pack.

Pack a set of clothing as a backup in case your luggage gets lost: underwear, a clean t-shirt and a pair of socks don’t take up any space and can make your day after a long flight and waiting in vain for your bag to appear on the luggage belt.

flipflops oranjeBring along your flip flops. On a long flight you’ll probably take off your shoes to get more comfy – until you really ‘gotta go’. Flip flops will prevent you from a nightly scramble in unergonomic positions to locate your shoes under the seat in front of you and will keep your feet off the dirty carpet (and obviously: the toilet floor).

Bring your chargers with you in your hand luggage. Put them all in the same bag so usbkabel geelyou’re always sure to have the charger you need (for instance when you want to charge your tablet during a long stop-over). But most importantly: you’ll be sure of a charged phone and camera even when your checked luggage gets lost.  Ensure to also include your battery (pack) in this sack as they’re not allowed to sit in the cargo hold. More electronics: don’t forget to bring along your own earphones as some airlines may charge you for the use of a headphone (and you don’t want to miss out on killing your flight time with movies).

pilstrip mintNaturally, put all your liquids in a see through bag – the only thing I can recommend here is to give yourself the pleasure of a sturdy reclosable zip bag – just look at it as a compact toiletry bag. So, what to put in this bag besides your liquids? For sure any medication – you can lose the package to save space, just be sure to wrap your package leaflet around it.

For those of us who wear contact lenses: put a pair of glasses in your cabin bag. Even if you’re not planning on taking a powernap, you might want to give your eyes some rest as the air in airplanes is very dry and irritated eyes never made anyone happy. Eye drops can also be a welcome treat for your eyes. Plus: we’re not sure about you, but the both of us feel quite lost when our glasses are missing when we’ve taken out our contacts.

Even if it doesn’t fit in your compact toiletry bag: bring your tooth-brush with you to feel refreshed after a long flight and carry a package of tissues along. If you don’t need them for a sniffy flight nose you might when you spill your drink (happened to me more than once – champagne, beer, water you name it).tandenborstel lichtgroen

And if you’re catching a flight with an airline that allows just one piece of hand luggage – just bring a big foldable shopper with you to stow away your day pack and camera (or laptop) when boarding.

And last but not least: pack your favourite (travel) book & music.

Ready for take off!